Restore Your Car-Esteem!

Remember how proud you were of your new car? You just couldn’t wait to show it off. Then you got that dent, that ugly scratch, that big nasty scrape. Now you’re embarrassed to be seen in it. If you’re driving around with unsightly damage that doesn’t require the services of a major auto body shop, Sky’s Auto Repair & Detailing can make your car look like new again. From auto collisions to scratch and dent repairs, our skilled experts can help get you and your car back on the road quickly, safely, affordably and, with our satisfaction guarantee, happily ever after!

In The News

  • We know the most annoying part of minor accident repair is being without your car. That’s why we give you a free, firm quote in only 10 minutes and complete most repairs within just one day.
    Using only the highest quality materials, our friendly experts move your vehicle through an advanced workstation process that guarantees your repair is done accurately and seamlessly.

  • We revolutionized the auto body industry more than 10 years ago by streamlining drivable accident repairs. We know time and money are important to you. And our process saves you both.
    All repairs backed by a Guarantee on labor, Trust that your vehicle is in great hands!"